Jimmy Getting Ready to Walk

Jimmy Getting Ready to Walk
Jimmy Wayne on January 1, 2010 at Monroe Harding at the launch of MMH.

Jimmy Wayne Meet Me Halfway: a Journey to Raise Awareness

On January 1, 2010, Jimmy Wayne launched his Meet Me Halfway campaign when he began his solo walk halfway across America in Nashville, TN. He plans to walk to Phoenix, AZ. Jimmy’s intention is not only to raise awareness of the plight of the homeless, especially at risk children, teens and young adults, but also raise funds for organizations that benefit homeless youth.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

I Feel the Change

On January 1, 2010 Jimmy Wayne began his walk from Nashville, Tennessee to Phoenix, Arizona to raise awareness for homeless youth and those youth aging out of foster care.  I'm a BIG Jimmy Wayne fan, so I jumped on board and supported Jimmy and Meet Me Halfway.

I immediately tried to figure out how I could help Jimmy.  I have a job, a husband, two kids and a dog -- so I knew I would not be walking from TN to AZ.  I believe there is always a way to help out.  So, I thought about what I could do and realized that I could use my research skills to develop the issue, to find statistics and to locate partners to support Jimmy's work. As I started to work, I began to see connections between my work and Meet Me Halfway.  I am an attorney working to reform the educational system to ensure that all young people have access to education.  As I began to dig into the issue - identifying who is in foster care, who ages out, and what happens to them - I was dismayed with what I found.  There are too many kids growing up without a family, without a home, and without the educational access necessary to transform their future.

Last night, one month into Jimmy's walk, I realized that I am vested in Meet Me Halfway. What started as a fan's commitment to a musician's cause, has become an advocate's commitment to creating change within a system that tries to serve young people.  I am committed to advocating for the voiceless and faceless young people that are struggling each day to just survive.  I am committed to supporting a system that creates stronger family support, provides a voice to young people, and gives all young people an opportunity to achieve educational success. 

Talking with my husband, I realized that MMH has impacted me, and it has impacted others. I've created this blog to advocate for MMH and to do what I can do to create change.  I hope this blog will provide an opportunity for all of us to share what we know about the issues, what we are doing to support MMH, and also for us to share our own stories of the impact MMH and Jimmy Wayne have had on us.  We can join Jimmy in Creating Change:  Step by Step, Heart by Heart.


BTW -- As a BIG Jimmy Wayne fan, I'll always include Jimmy Wayne photos. Here's one from the Appalachian Fair in Gray, TN (2009).  

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